Le vent se lève!
il faut tenter de vivre!


Paintings by Henrik Uldalen website l tumblr


Giselle by National Dutch Ballet


'I love my sword. I don't want to brag, but I think I have the coolest sword in the movie and that's high praise because there are quite a few very famous swords in this story. Weta Workshop did an incredible job with my sword. It is carved out of one piece of metal. I stopped by the Workshop to watch it being made. It's a little two-handed katana-like blade, the size of my leg — an incredibly beautiful weapon.'                                   

                                      ~ Lee Pace, DoS Chronicles Cloaks & Daggers


Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) - 1920’s.

2 May, the battle of hogwarts

The fight is done

The war is won

Lift your hands toward the sun


My friend wrote a beautiful post that mirrors my feelings exactly about makeup: 

"Your face is not a canvas; a canvas is something that is boring, plain – essentially useless – until it is turned into art. And that’s is the wrong way to think about your face. A better analogy (and also the only fitting one I could think of short-notice) would be to say that your face is an evergreen tree: a tree can be decorated. It can have ornaments on its branches, and lights around its trunk, and it will be stunning. But the tree can also be standing out in nature, existing simply, without embellishment, and still be a sight so beautiful that people will photograph it, and paint it, and write songs about it, and who knows what else. "

"Smart girl, that Hermione."


Watercolors by Anna Armona